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SEO Cape Town service providers are not created equally. You need to choose the pros, the gurus, the leaders in this field. You need to partner with us! Search engine optimisation is just a fancy word for lead generation! There you have it. Now you know what SEO is – in a nutshell. The trick is to strategically partner with a service provider to boost leads to your website. Easy enough? We think so, but that’s because we eat, breathe, sleep and love SEO! Our years of combined experience in all things digital is stellar! We like to think we are the shining light of SEO service providers in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our business is your business. Your business’ success in website traffic and leads to be exact. Our mission is to increase your online visibility and leverage your social signals for better website traffic and ultimately, better quality of enquiries. We are a customer focused agency in SEO Cape Town.

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Still not convinced. No problem – we can back it up with bite-sized chunks of science called stats:

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Hopefully you have seen the light and enquire on our packages right now. If not, keep reading, you’re bound to contact us soon. Before you sign on the dotted line though, it helps to remember that growth marketing is a long-term investment, as a fabulous SEO strategy takes months to yield the results you yearn for. If any SEO company offers you an overnight fix, you are wasting your time and money. Ranking on page 1 of Google NEVER happens overnight. You are not Beyoncé.

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If you sign up with us today, you get social media services included in the upper tiered packages. You are going to want this because once you understand the technicalities of search engine optimisation, you will understand that social signals are just as important to Google as keywords are. One does not simply SEO alone. SEO without social media, expertly crafted content and a responsive website is as important to Google bots as throwing a deck chair off a sinking ship is. SEO alone is a poor strategy – we don’t recommend it.

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Specific targeted audiences

Did you know that online decision making is the latest buzzword in digital marketing? Scientists, psychologists and digital agencies alike spend hours and millions of Rands in researching what influences an online consumer’s behaviour. What makes them click, tick and buy? What makes a client interested in filling out your enquiry form? This behaviour keeps people up at night because once you understand online behaviour, your online marketing campaigns can follow suit.

We understand this concept and based on our experience and analytics, we know that authority and social engagement has a lot to do with it. A sort of word of mouth on steroids, if you like! Which is why we establish or polish your Google My Business profile and post regularly to it. We also define both your website and social media audience carefully so that the type of leads you receive are quality above quantity.

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